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I can always give you advice on how to and what to do based on your needs.

About Us

I work in IT Business Since 1996

In 1996 I bought my first PC from a friend. Soon after my first PC’s HDD failed. At that time I had never opened a PC, although I was repairing TV’s, HIFI, Video Recorders. Soon after I needed to make a new PC. At that point they were expensive so I bought cheaper parts from some kid lot younger than me. The Kid, that brought me a motherboard, jumped when it all worked well after we connected it. That was my breaking point, I knew that I can do better and do things more professionally. I needed to make a change and work in IT Business.

Since then I established connections to a big network of companies, friends who work in IT Business, and who are able to provide professional service to customers. In case I am not able to do it (because of warranty, somebody already started project) they can help.

I have a team of professionals who can get things done, for every service we provide. They are all well educated and passionate about their work.  



What We Do

Laptop Repair / Computer Repair

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You don’t need to search for Computer Service, you already found it. Even if we don’t have possibility to repair it, we will guide you to right place. 

Virus Malware and Spyware Removal

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Computers can have Viruses. There is always a solution to fix that. We can give advice what and how to use to prevent further infections.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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It is important to have regular backups. That is why we will make a plan that will meet your schedule.

Advanced Network Design

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We can bring your networks to higher level. Designs are what we like to do. From Cable to Wireless and Phone lines.

Web Design and Cloud Services

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Need a Web Site, Search no further. Our designs are what you need. Working with best designers and Service providers.

Cyber Security

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People search for Cyber Protection when it is too late. We can design your networks to be protected and safe.

IT Experts

Years Of Experience

Satisfied Clients


Why choose us

 This is our assurance to you that the output of quality will surpass expectations so that you receive the best service. We will provide professional standards to ensure that you, as our client, will be satisfied. We will assist you in all your computing needs, as it’s our passion and priority to see things work the way they should. 

One of the starting points that we agreed to when we talked about opening a consulting bureau, was to deliver honest and always customer satisfying service. We believe it is just and right to always give what you can – not lying to customers, like some others do. Even if we cannot deliver service we will find a way to help you with pointing out where to go to satisfy your needs. The most important thing is our reputation, it is not all about the money.


Long time experience.

Work in IT since 1996 with any kind of equipment.

Honest and just approach.

Always having backup solution for your needs.

Happy and satisfied customers are our goal.


Anastas Mitrev 27/1-24
1000 Skopje


M-F: 8am – 4pm
S-S: Closed

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+389 70 350-069

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