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We offer maintenance of your equipment, starting from your Personal equipment to Network equipment. 


We can help with maintenance of your equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my laptop?

In some rare cases you can. But we strongly advice you not to try it if you don’t work in that industry. Many people try to do that watching “youtube.com” instructions. People who post that kind of instructions many times don’t include all process, especially some crucial things that you need to do before or after. Our advice is to stick to professionals and let them do their job.

My nephew is IT student. Can he repair my PC?

As you said. Your nephew is a student. Don’t let your PC to be an object of failure in your nephew’s education. You are not helping him or yourself with that, and on top of that next person, in the end a professional you go to will have more problems to fix, or give you bad news that somebody already made more problems and cause you more damage on your PC.

My laptop overheats and turns off, can you fix that?

There are many reasons for that problem. Many times it can be dust inside your laptop that causes overheating. If that problem is not solved on time, it causes turning off on your laptop, due to thermal protection on the processor. If that problem continues it can cause damage on the processor and it will be harder to be fixed.

Can you repair my PC remotely?

eIn many cases it is possible, but not always. PC needs to be checked. It would be helpful if you present your problem to us correctly to shorten the process of diagnostics and repairing.

In our office we have printer that sometimes works well but sometimes not. Can you help us?

There are many cases of malfunction of printers. Many things can cause that malfunction, starting from network connections, drivers on PC, Software that you use, and in the end printer itself. We have people who will check all that and come with a solution.

In our company we have wireless network. Sometimes we can connect to it sometimes not. Please help.

Wireless networks need to be set-up properly. Do you have IT Personnel in your company? If you don’t we can offer you help and prolonged support.

Do you offer support for small businesses?

Yes we do, let’s arrange a meeting and we will discuss terms. We offer various types of support, one time, monthly and yearly.

We plan to open a new office and buy equipment. Can you help us?

Yes we can. We will sort out your needs and requirements, and according to that find best solution for your company.


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